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Marsal Lima

Hi, my name is Marsal, and welcome to my website! I share a little about myself, as well as some of my creative works here, and I hope you'll find something you like.

You can find me on Twitter and Github, where I go by the handle catsocks, and contact me at [email protected].


  1. Software

    1. Games

      1. Spacerocks — Play an arcade Asteroids clone
      2. Tennis — Play an arcade Pong clone
    2. Command-line

      1. tim — Chat in the command-line
  2. Lists

    1. Stuff I'm into
    2. Languages I speak
    3. Things I like
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Spacerocks — Play an arcade Asteroids clone

A clone of the Asteroids arcade game, made with the cross-platform SDL library, for Windows, macOS, Linux, and the browser. Published in 2020.

It's playable with a keyboard, game controllers and touch, and in Portuguese as well.

Play it in your browser or browse the source code on GitHub.


tim — Chat in the terminal

A tiny instant messenger (tim) for the terminal in a single C file that I made as an exercise, meant to run with most terminal emulators on recent Linux and BSD systems. Published in 2019.

Browse the source code on GitHub.


Stuff I'm into

Languages I speak

Things I like

Where else you can find me

You can use PayPal or Ethereum: 0x4e5Ed191CB92df450b00cb374c094482c459a6DE.